Over the weekend the prairies saw quite the stormy weather, as a front ran across the provinces and brought thunderstorms to many communities.

For the southeast some of those were overnight, so the only picture many got was puddles and broken branches in the morning.

People also likely heard about but didn't see, some of the tornadoes that popped up in various spots around the province, mainly to the north.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Natalie Hasell says that the storms had quite the beginning with tornadoes showing up in various areas.

"It's definitely been an active time across the prairies and definitely in Saskatchewan this weekend. We had a number of tornadoes reported for Friday and it was definitely an active day, to begin with. Saskatchewan seems to be a hotspot on Friday, where I think we had 3 tornadoes reported around there, all from 4-5 in the afternoon."

A lull in the tornadoes came in on Saturday, though there were still reports of storms in other areas.

"If we look at Saturday, definitely still a lot of activity there as well, lots of warnings were issued across the prairies yet again. Looking at Saskatchewan," said Hasell, "don't seem to have had as many reports of anything rotating, but certainly saw an active day nonetheless."

Then in the early hours of Sunday, a large storm came through the southeast which deposited rain and whipped up winds.

This was followed during the day by more storms and tornadoes - though exact numbers on those aren't available to Environment Canada yet.

"It looks like yesterday was another active day, some winds and tornadoes," said Hasell, "But those have yet to be confirmed, or the data collected in a way I can use. We'll have to wait for an update on yesterday, but certainly, it was an active period the last several days, and not just in Saskatchewan but a little bit everywhere in southern and central prairies."

Conditions in the southeast are expected to clear up and get warmer over the next week.