Strike action has teachers once again out in Saskatchewan as they hope to introduce class size and complexity into negotiations that have hit an impasse with the province.

The Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation announced last Thursday that they would hold a second strike on Monday, giving the required 48-hour notice to the province.

Southeast Cornerstone Teachers' Association President Whitney Paul-Joseph says they're striking for teachers and students.

"Teachers are out and trying to showcase that teachers' working conditions are student learning conditions. So when we are advocating for that, it is really important to understand that we are all working for better conditions, more support, and resources in our schools to support our students and our teachers." 

The strike is taking place in warmer weather compared to last week, which contended with an extreme cold warning.

Paul-Joseph says either way they're ready to plead their case outdoors.

"Warm temperatures are a bonus, of course, but you're also talking to a bunch of teachers who are used to that outside supervision at recess, so -40 weather won't stop us and a little bit nicer weather is just an added bonus."

The group had many visitors, which included Estevan MLA Lori Carr.

"I actually had the opportunity to stop in there this morning and had a little visit with a few of them that stopped on the streets right outside my building and just had a nice little chat with them."

Carr says that she hopes both parties can come to the negotiating table and get a deal done to help out students.

"I'm hoping that we can come to some sort of conciliation, get back to the table and get a deal. That's just best for everybody, especially for our kids in the classroom so that they can focus on their studies."