SaskPower has a lot of work on its plate after the major storm that ripped through the Southeast over the weekend left many without power.

Unlike last week's storm, which left plenty of snow but power was untouched, this system had a combination of snow and rain that was the bane of power poles across the area.

Add in winds that were estimated between 80-90 km/hr, and it's apparent why there were - and still are - so many homes without power.

Saskpower spokesperson Scott McGregor says that they have been making good progress so far.

"The majority of the cirty of Estevan should be back on without any issues at all. A lotof the customers without power are in the White Bear, Redvers, Frobisher, and Carlyle areas. We do have crews working currently in the affected areas trying to get power back on."

In a recent release, SaskPower says that ~4,500 individuals remain without power, which is down from the ~11,000 they had reported Sunday evening.

They're still trying to find out just how damaged everything is.

"It took a little while for us to get a full scope of what all was damaged and how far the damage went, just due to road conditions being poor when they started yesterday wind gusts were high but we were able to eventually get our crews out here and start conducting repairs and getting our customers power back on."

While it's still too soon to tell, SaskPower says that they'll continue to work towards getting the southeast up and running again.

"It's a little too soon to tell, we're still trying to get the full picture as to what all is damaged.We do have some helicopter patrols scheduled for today to continue taking aerial survey to see how far the damage goes and what kind of damages we're looking at."

They believe there will be an ETA for those repairs this afternoon - they'll announce that on their Twitter page.