SaskPower has finished repairing residential outages after many were left without power following the weekend storm.

At its peak, SaskPower was reporting that 24,000 customers were without power due to Saturday's storm and a week later most of those have been solved.

SaskPower spokesperson Scott McGregor says that they're mostly clear of outages, though a few non-residential places still need to be fixed.

"Shortly after 2 PM, we were able to restore the remaining 10 or so residential and farm customers by the Wapella area. Remaining, there are about 180 oilfield customers still throughout the entire southeast region who are still without power, but crews are working to get those sites restored as soon as possible."

The time it took for them to get the outages fixed was typical for their repairs, with the first pair of days just dedicated to finding out what was damaged and where they would need to work first.

McGregor says that while they don't have a total for how much material they used fixing downed poles, he says he expects that to be high as the damage was significant.

"We get wild weather in Saskatchewan all the time, it's just kind of one of the fun quirks of living in this province," said McGregor, "In terms of being prepared for future storm events, it's a fact of living here so we make preparations in advance of storms hitting, we know the type of weather we get here.

While persistent outages are on the way out for Saskatchewan residents, shorter outages may be possible as crews continue to work on systems.

"Any customers that did experience an outage this past week might in the coming days experience short planned outages, just while our crews finish repairs to the grid. We'll be communicating those planned outages well in advance," said McGregor, "Letting people know 'these are the hours and why.' So if anyone doesn't check our Twitter feed or website, that's what's going on."

McGregor also says that some people may discover outages for places they sometimes visit, and if those are discovered asks that people call SaskPower so those can be fixed.

He also praised the southeast community for their patience and understanding through that storm.

"Probably the most important thing is how grateful SaskPower and all of our crews are at just how supportive and understanding the southeast has been just throughout this past week. There were lots of people without power, but even then everyone in the region saw the damage and knows the kind of hard work that goes into restoring services."

SaskPower crews also received help from southeast farmers, as muddy conditions required some tractors to pull out trucks.