Friday was the final day for farmers to file nomination papers for the SaskSoil board.

Eligible producers must be SaskSoil members.

The board has a maximum of eleven directors, with four vacant positions.

Voting on the board candidates (if required) will take place at the Soil Health Conference and AGM.

"Good Soil Makes Good Food" is the theme for this week's event which runs February 14th and 15th at Delta Hotels in Regina.

The two-day conference is geared towards anyone interested in producing or consuming healthy food from consumers to farmers and ag industry representatives.

SaskSoil Chair Mark Hoiymr says while they are looking forward to seeing everyone in person, they are also offering a virtual streaming option for people as well.

"There will be chat rooms and we're trying to get discussion groups and they'll be able to ask questions, watch the presentations live and participate in the question and answer. It is the same format we used last year and we were very happy with it and had really great reviews."

Hoiymr says the feature speakers are a husband/wife team Anne Bikle is a biologist and science writer, and David Montgomery a geologist at the University of Washington.

"So, it gives them a really interesting perspective on agriculture. The book that they wrote is basically an extension of the old adage that you are, what you eat, and what our food eats."

So, whether that's livestock or plants, and how things are grown and handled, it all has a great effect on the nutrients that we find in our food."

He says part of the reason that they are so excited to have them, is because it really does a great job of linking agriculture, food and consumers and tying it all together.

More information on the SaskSoil conference can be found at