SaskPower is issuing a heads-up about a new text message scam circulating. 

The scam is a text claiming to be from SaskPower, saying that a portion of a recent bill is unpaid. It then asks you to remedy the owing amount, with a provided link.

A spokesperson for SaskPower, Scott McGregor, advises caution should you see one of these texts, discouraging any engagement with the links. 

"Under no circumstances should anybody click the link or provide any sort of financial or personal information," said McGregor. 

People should trust their gut, first and foremost. If a text or email ever feels off, it probably is. It's best to not trust anything that seeks that information unless you are 100 per cent certain of its source. 

"Always call SaskPower customer services to confirm if the communication was legitimate," advised McGregor. "If you receive an e-mail or a text message that tells you to go to a link, look at the URL of that link. If it doesn't specifically say, it's probably not legitimate."

In the event that you or someone you know falls prey to one of these malicious scams, the first thing to do is contact your primary financial institute. They will be able to offer assistance, and hopefully be able to cut off any monetary consequences. 

"Also call your local law enforcement," said McGregor. "The more instances of this that these institutions can get, the better they are t able to build a case and see what they can do to resolve the issue."