This morning contractors from across the province gathered for the contractor's breakfast put on by the Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance.

They held the breakfast at the Beefeater Plaza for the first time since 2019, after COVID had them cancel two years in a row.

Besides giving out a breakfast courtesy of the day Inn, they also gave out safety tips to those contractors who might need to dig up ground near potentially deadly lines.

Rebecca Cassidy was the host of the event. She's a volunteer for the SCGA who works at Kingston Midstream here in Estevan.

She walked through some of the topics that they covered during breakfast.

"Today we are here to learn more about damage prevention to underground infrastructure, the prevention of worker injury or death due to unsafe digging practices, and for the promotion of the Canadian Common Ground Alliance, or SCGA's best practices."

They started with a video discussing what to do around older infrasturcture.

While that was the first video, they also looked towards the future with a video about training the next generation of contractors.


You can find the full list of videos shown at the event on the SCGA's Youtube page.

The executive director of the SCGA, Shannon Doka, also spoke up to give her thanks to the volunteers at the organization who made the event happen.

"Thank you everyone for coming out, I really appreciate the attendance here, this is awesome. Especially during national volunteer week, it's very fitting that I can say thank you to the volunteer team here. From those at the registration table, Wade and Rebecca, and everyone else."

The event then ended after the final door prizes were given out, with contractors praising the food and the presentation.