A lot of organizations had their goings-on disrupted by the pandemic, which inevitably ended up affecting other organizations which relied on charity.

While some may have been hit, Southeast College managed to make it to the end of the school year with a good amount of money heading to students for scholarships.

$31,000 was given out for the graduates of the 2021-22 school year, raised both from local businesses and events held by the college throughout the year.

Sheena Onrait, the Marketing and Communications Manager for Southeast College, says that it's actually been a pretty standard year for them in terms of fundraising.

"I feel like we're right on par with our other years. One thing that we didn't decline in over the last couple years was our donations from our communities, and of course, 100% of our donations go directly back to our students in the form of scholarships and bursaries, so I would say we are right on par with the last few years."

Those scholarships are important for getting students onto the right path into the future.

"These scholarships and bursaries come at the end of the program because a lot of them are criteria-based. It really does take that student to the next step, whether it's starting them out on their career, or  taking them to another level of post-secondary, or wherever their path takes them next."

The Southeast College also recently held a fundraiser for next year's scholarships, with their Swing For Scholarships golf tournament.

With 11 teams and multiple business sponsors being a part of the event, it ended rather successfully and added some money for next year's class.

"Those are for future students. What we do is we take those dollars and when we go to our scholarship applications for our students for next year," said Onrait, "We divvy those dollars up and our students apply for those in January of each year and then we'll award them in conjunction with our graduation ceremony in June of 2023."

That tournament ended up raising nearly $10,000 for next year's graduating class.