The ongoing severe weather system is creating some concerns in the southeast with unsettled patterns bringing in warnings.

That began on Monday and is currently expected to last until the end of the week.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Stephen Berg talks about some of the reports he's been receiving from last night's storms.

"Got some rain to the north of Estevan. Got a quick 20mm for Indian Head and some various amounts that are a bit lower than that to the north of that, even a Wynard volunteer observer came in this morning with the 13 millimeters of rain and various other spots in the kind of south-central part of the province got anywhere from 5 to 21 millimeters."

Rainfall was also joined by hail in some locations, which didn't seem to be overly destructive this time.

"In terms of hail, there were two reports of dime-sized hail, so not quite severe, but two reports one at Camp Monahan and one in Lipton just to the north of the Estevan area," said Berg. "Beyond that, did not look like there was anything else in terms of severe reports. But yeah, the dime-sized hail is just a couple of millimeters less than the severe criteria of the nickel size."

One other severe weather report included reports of funnel clouds, though the southeast missed out on tornados.

"There were a couple of reports, one report of phone calls around Asquith and another over Waldheim, but aside from that, nothing else in terms of funnels as far as things are at the moment."