A more positive look at the ways people avoid impaired driving will be shown off as a part of SGI's newest public awareness campaign.

The Stick With Safety campaign is focusing on the methods people use to avoid impaired driving.

The 60-second ad began airing Sunday, with SGI's social media beginning that on Friday.

Media Relations Manager Tyler McMurchy says that the new campaign is made to cheer people up.

"This one doesn't shock, it doesn't sadden, it doesn't scare people. What we made is an uplifting, heartwarming campaign that we hope resonates with people, because it makes the point on how you can make good choices, and how those good choices can keep you and others safe."

They're staying away from the negative aspects, with McMurchy feeling excited about the campaign.

"I'ts not one of those commercials that have a message that's upsetting, it doesn't focus on the negative outcomes of impaired driving, which we have spoken about at length in the past. This one focuses on the positive outcome, it has a happy ending. I don't want to spoil too much, but I think if you watch the full film you'll walk away with a good feeling in your heart."

During the month, they'll also be spotlighting impaired driving in the province, which is the current leading cause of road fatalities.

"People are starting to think about holiday parties and get-togethers, and we're also dealing with poor winter driving conditions. That's a sub-focus of the December traffic safety spotlight, but we are also focusing on impaired driving because it is still, unfortunately, the leading cause of fatalities on Saskatchewan roads."

You can find more on that campaign on SGI's website or their social media pages.