As the summer season kicks into high gear, SGI is reminding drivers to be careful on Saskatchewan roads.

In a release, SGI provided specific tips for people who will be driving on both city streets and highways this summer as parts of its Stick With Safety campaign.

For city driving, you should be particularly mindful of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists, all of which are at a higher risk of injury if a collision occurs, SGI said.

For driving on highways, SGI said drivers should be wary of semi trucks, vehicles hauling trailers or boats, and construction zones. SGI also recommends giving yourself lots of space when passing large equipment and slowing down in work zones.

SGI said when driving near large trucks, you should try to stay out of their blind spots. When passing semis, you should give them plenty of room before pulling back into the lane, since their stopping distance is much longer, SGI said.

SGI also gave the following tips:

  • Scanning the street in front of you
  • Checking your mirrors often
  • Slow down when passing through work zones
  • Always double check to ensure a lane is clear before changing lanes
  • Keep a safe distance from other road users
  • Watch your speed while passing pedestrians and cyclists

Finally, SGI said drivers should be giving their undivided attention to the road and avoid driving distracted.