With Canada Day weekend here, plenty of people will be enjoying their weekends and taking trips.

SGI Spokesperson Tyler McMurchy says that people should be aware of when enjoying themselves and driving that the two don't mix.

"We want people to have a fantastic summer here in Saskatchewan now that the weather is going to be nice, but we do want them to make sure that they make good choices and find a safe ride if their summer plans involve alcohol or drugs, because it's an unfortunate fact that the number of impaired driving fatalities is typically highest in the month of July, and with the Traffic Safety spotlight in July focusing on impaired driving, we want people to understand that you can have a great time. Just make sure you plan a safe ride."

McMurchy gives a few tips for people to work around a good time and get a safe ride home.

"It starts with making a plan, figuring out how you're going to get home at the end of the day. But even if you don't have a plan, finding a safe ride is always important. So calling a sober friend or family member to come pick you up, selecting a designated driver for your group, or volunteering to be one and making sure that you have that to \lord over your friends for the future. You know they'll owe you one after that."

There are other options besides having a designated driver that people can rely on when in a pinch.

"Selecting a designated driver is important, but if that's something that didn't happen, taking a taxi, or if there's one available in your community, a ride share, there are designated driving services in communities in Saskatchewan that will take you and your vehicle home and also use a bus or stay the night, of course."

"If the weather is really great and it's not too far and you are in a condition to safely do so, walking is always an option too, so you've got plenty of options. The only option you don't have is getting behind the wheel when you're impaired."