The traffic safety spotlight for the month of April from SGI and law enforcement will be focused on suspended drivers and unregistered vehicles.  

Suspended drivers can have their vehicles impounded and be given a court summons. This could lead to additional penalties upon conviction, including a longer license suspension, large fines and possibly jail time.  

Additionally, someone who drives an unregistered vehicle, or who is suspended, may not have insurance coverage if they cause a collision. An uninsured driver can be responsible for the damages and injury benefits of the other people involved in the collision, according to SGI. 

Those who are driving an unregistered vehicle can receive a ticket for $580 and have the vehicle impounded.  

SGI pointed out in their release highlighting the month that there are 185 Automated License Plate Readers, or ALPRs, installed on law enforcement vehicles throughout the province. These devices scan every license plate that passes by them and checks to see if the vehicle is registered or if it belongs to a suspended driver. 

The last time unregistered vehicles and suspended drivers were the focus of the traffic safety spotlight, in November of 2020, police issued 341 tickets for driving while suspended, and 558 tickets for driving an unregistered vehicle or trailer. There were another 221 drivers ticketed for driving without a valid license, 102 learner drivers driving without a supervising driver and 37 drivers who weren’t complying with their license endorsement or restriction.