The start of fall seems to be all but unavoidable and that's bringing with it a chance of sickness in the community.

Flu season is beginning in Saskatchewan, with strains of influenza likely making their way around the province.

To prepare for that, the Saskatchewan Health Authority prepares by studying what happens in the southern hemisphere, which experiences its fall and flu season first.

SHA Medical Health Officer Dr. Stanley Enebeli says that this year it looks like even the flu season will be getting back to normal after the pandemic.

"Taking all of this into perspective, what we do anticipate is that we will be returning to our pre-covid or even higher levels of that for influenza infections in Saskatchewan. So basically, we're anticipating a significant increase in influenza infections this flu season."

To prepare for the flu season, the SHA is making sure they have adequate stockpiles of vaccine supplies for influenza.

"One of the things we do is ensure we have enough vaccine supplies, in this case, influenza vaccine supplies to meet our demands here in the province. I will say that we do have enough vaccine supplies for everyone who needs the flu shot, particularly those who are at high risk of getting influenza complications."

Dr. Enebeli says that a colder winter, like the one that Environment Canada has forecasted, may make the number of influenza cases jump higher.

Flu and COVID Vaccine clinics will begin in Estevan on October 12, followed by 15, 17, and 20, all of which will be held in the Estevan Leisure Centre .

Dr. Enebeli says that it's perfectly safe for a person going to a clinic to get both their flu and COVID vaccines at the same time.