After the earlier blizzard that consumed much of Southern Saskatchewan, another system of snow is on the way for this area.

That snowfall is beginning tonight and is looking to continue until Sunday night, with only a short clear window Friday night.

The beginning of the system shouldn't be too intense, according to Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang.

"Well, we have quite the complex weather system moving through Saskatchewan over the next 24-36 hours. It's going to bring some snow into the Southeast corner of the province. Looks like it'll start in the evening sometime," said Lang, "Doesn't look like a lot of snow, maybe three centimeters worth."

It's also reported that there'll be a risk of freezing rain with wind speeds beginning to pick up.

That'll reach a peak on Friday morning, with winds coming in from the Northwest at up to 80 kilometers an hour.

Lang says that could be a cause for concern.

"That weather system moving through tomorrow, I think it'll really affect travel conditions all across Southern Saskatchewan tomorrow. People might want to rethink their travel plans if they're traveling tomorrow," said Lang, "Be sure to check the highway hotline before you head out and be prepared for some pretty treacherous winter conditions."

Things should calm down after that, as Saturday and Sunday continue the snowfall without extreme winds.

That snowfall, while a bit heavier, still won't be too extreme according to Lang.

"It's going to bring some light snow with it, sort of on and off. It's hard to pin down the snowfall amounts right now," said Lang, "But by the time all is said and done by the end of Sunday it looks like we could get five to eight centimeters more of snow over that Southeast corridor."

With that system will also come warmer weather, as the Southeast will leave the extreme cold behind and move into single-digit negative temperatures this weekend.