Snow is still falling onto the Southeast, though as it slowly wanes there's a bright light at the end of that tunnel.

Snow is still expected on Friday, but is looking to be much lighter, and will stop falling sometime Friday night.

That should cap off what is looking to be one of the biggest April snowstorms in recent memory for this corner of the province.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Jason Knight explains just what the next few days look like.

"Well the worst of the blizzard is behind us, and the blizzard warnings have been lifted, but it's not the most pleasant morning in the Estevan area. We still have a bit of wind out there and some falling snow, visibility's still around that kilometer mark with gusts to 70 kilometers an hour, and we're looking at another 2-4 centimeters today, so generally an unpleasant day ahead, though we are above our warning criteria."

The winds will be the first piece of weather to leave the southeast, as those calm overnight.

"Fortunately it's all over tonight," said Knight, "The winds go down to calm, and just to a few flurries by this evening. That's pretty quiet and then it should be the end of the system as it moves out to Ontario."

Next up is the snow, which will be gone after Friday, but a small system will reintroduce that at the start of the week.

"Friday we're just looking at a chance of flurries, and that'll be fairly quiet weather into the start of the weekend," said Knight, "But we are looking at another system likely coming through on Sunday. This is a smaller clipper system but is likely to bring in a few centimeters of snow. So winter will be continuing into next week at least."

Anything that has accumulated from that snow will be subjected to quite the melt as next week brings quite the change.

"Looking at a high of six along with rain showers, that's certainly going to put a big dent into the snow on the ground," said Knight, "We should see some fairly rapid melts into the middle of next week."