With snow piled up and being blown around following huge snowfalls, crews are working on making sure that travel on highways is as safe as possible.

That takes the form of snow plows and other machinery going along the roads, often at a slower pace.

Because of that, their work can oftentimes not mesh well with the existing traffic on roadways, who are looking to get from place to place as quickly as possible.

Snowplow operator Mike Holowka says that they've been seeing a few incidents, and gives the best tips so drivers can avoid them.

"We see incidents everywhere. We're going to pull over every 10-15 kilometers, so try not to pass us. Keep a safe distance, don't follow too close."

"The best thing for people to help us do our jobs is first, check the hotline. If it's closed, stay off the roads. If you see us out there, stay far back, just stay far back. We are trying our best for you."

Holowka says that he even got into an accident at one point, though he's thankful it was in a low-speed zone.

"I was lucky enough to be in an accident when I was taking care of some of our city streets, here in Regina, so it was more of a slow-speed collision. I know myself, it shook me up for a about week, I felt absolutely terrible about the whole situation and I was just grateful that nobody was hurt."

Workers are also seeing a lot of people who are in a rush during the season, with the biggest piece of advice being to slow down.

"That happens every day, every day that we're out there on the road. You run into somebody that's in a rush and there's no point in being in a rush. Get there safely, get to where you're going."