One last week of warm weather will also be bringing some snow, with multiple systems arriving over the next few days.

The amount of snowfall in many areas won't be consistent, as many days have just a chance of precipitation.

That'll increase over the week, with one final system bringing even more snow over a couple of days.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang explains 

"First couple of weather systems that will be moving through will be quite weak, so we're not expecting a lot of accumulations with any of those snowfalls. The one later in the week - it looks like Thursday into Friday, looks like the strongest of the systems which is usually what kind of happens when we're looking at a change in the pattern, which is  going to happen."

That change consists of much colder temperatures this weekend, though throughout this week those will stay near the freezing mark.

Even though it'll be that warm, Lang says that so far she's not seeing much for freezing rain.

"The models aren't indicating any, but when the temperature is close to freezing there's always that risk, but the dynamics in the atmosphere have to be just right to produce freezing rain. It's easier to produce rain, and then it changes to snow, instead of the freezing rain just because it needs a particular setup."

While freezing rain isn't on the forecast, people should be on the watch for any ice that does come from any melt during those warmer temperatures.

"With the changing of the conditions with the snow on and off, temperatures near freezing, then freezing again overnight, the roads are going to be a little bit tricky."

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