Snow is the name of the game for the southeast this week, as the current forecast shows we're likely to get plenty over the next few days.

Along with full cloud cover, the snow is expected to keep falling at various levels of intensity.

That'll end up blanketing everything under what's likely to be more than a dozen centimeters of snow once the week is over.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang says that it'll start off slower.

"We have a weak system moving through right now, it's just kind of an upper trough and just giving a little bit of light snow here and there to parts of southern Saskatchewan. Really not too much in the way of accumulation, just enough to mess up the roads a little bit."

That'll last until Tuesday, with the softer system replaced by one that'll bring plenty of snow.

"Over the next couple of days here we're seeing a Colorado low that's coming up, of course, from Colorado. It's just going to clip the southeast corner of the province," said Lang, "So that's going to bring in certainly more snow."

Lang says they expect around 12-15 centimeters of snowfall from the low, which is short of the heavy snowfall warning they might normally send out.

They're also expecting less wind along with the system, which would be unusual for a Colorado low.

"The winds associated with this weather system look like they won't be terribly strong. Often with these Colorado lows," said Lang, "We look for those really strong winds to give widespread blizzard conditions, but because the bulk of the system is going to be to the south and east of Saskatchewan, we're not looking at widespread blowing snow."

The air is also set to chill through the week, with temperatures reaching especially low on the weekend.