The weekend will see temperatures drop and rainfall, before culminating in snowfall at the beginning of next week.

Temperatures will be taking a sharp swing from the previous above-average warmth, with single-digit temperatures forecasted.

As well, rains in the 10-15 mm range are expected for the next few days, likely to freeze into snowflakes near the end of that run.

Environment Canada meteorologist Natalie Hasel says that the change in temperature is coming from a new system in the area.

"Over the last while you've been under the center of a ridge of high pressure, and the center of this ridge was further south. If this had been July, you would have been under a heat dome, but it's not July so we were just talking about normal temperatures."

"That ridge is moving on and dissipating, and the flow and circulation of winds around your area are shifting quite quickly now. With the dissipation of that ridge, we're going to start to see a low-pressure system come back to the western and central prairies."

Snow will even be a consequence of the system, though the total amount dropped is likely to be low.

"Right now, I don't know that we're looking at a very large amount for the area," said Hasel,  "But it will definitely be quite the change from yesterday's 20 degrees and sunny, to 0 degrees Sunday night and mid-morning a chance of snow."

Additionally, the snow that does drop won't last long and will likely be very wet.

"We're talking about temperatures that are skimming fairly close to the freezing mark," said Hasel, "So probably more of a sloppy kind of a mess that doesn't accumulate greatly. We're not talking about shovels of snow, we're talking about sloppy, wet snow. Some of it will melt on contact at the beginning, and we might have a few centimeters I think. "