A snowfall warning that's fallen over much of southern Saskatchewan will be depositing a good amount of snow coming from the south.

That went out early this morning, with Environment Canada stating that it's likely to begin with lighter snows in the afternoon.

But that's set to pick up overnight, with southern Saskatchewan likely to be buried.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang describes just what they're seeing.

"It'll spread snow across much of southern Saskatchewan, but the bulk of it will come later today and sort of skim along the US border and affect those regions closest to the US border. So we are expecting 10-20 centimeters of snow by the time all's said and done."

Much of the snow is settling in up north, while the south is a bit softer.

"It does look like the snow will be spread out throughout those regions," said Lang, "It looks like the heaviest amounts will be through the Yorkton region, with not as much through the south."

Following up that snow is a chilly system, which is set to rapidly drop the temperature.

"The system is actually holding back the colder air, and once the system is through there'll be a big push of arctic air that'll come in behind it, so the two are related. You see the temperatures really start to drop, and the wind chills come up," said Lang, "So I think that's the most dangerous feature coming since those'll be quite high."