The forecast is showing a near-full slate of snow this week, with multiple systems flying overhead of Estevan.

They'll bring snow in various amounts, with Environment Canada keeping a close eye on those.

Meteorologist Janelle Gergely is helping to track just how much the southeast might catch from those systems.

She says that the week is likely to start out lightly.

"There is a series of systems that are primarily tracking o the south of the border, and then as that system passes to the south it's going to give us a possibility of snow. If any snow does fall in that area, I don't expect a lot of accumulation, maybe two centimeters."

Another light system will be headed to the southeast, with snow falling in the latter half of the week.

"A similar system's going to pass through again mid to late week, Wednesday-Thursday. Again, I don't think there will be significant accumulation with that snow, maybe two to four centimeters or up to five. It's really the system that's coming through on the weekend, on Saturday that one could bring more snowfall."

Gergely says that they have a bit less confidence in the Saturday system since it's so far out, but it currently looks like it'll bring more.

While it does warm up through the week, it's likely we'll be keeping any snowfall as it won't get warm enough to melt.

"There really won't be, just because we don't have that freeze-thaw cycle. By the end of the work week on Friday, maybe a few centimeters of accumulation and then more so on Saturday throughout the day."