With the end of February nearing, it's time to take a look at this month's Perfect Pet submissions!


She's very smart and very funny she's just a great fur ball.


Rotweiller & German Sheperd. Phiebe is almost 3 months old, she loves to chew on everything, play and go for long walks.


Luna is a 6 month old, high energy Aussiedoodle who keeps us busy. She is no stranger to spending time at all creatures and loves playing with her puppy friends.


I know I know peoples first reaction is to think “eww snake gross”, but I’m lucky enough that when my girlfriend (yes my girlfriend reluctantly allowed me to get a snake lol) and I went to the pet store and all the other snakes ran and hid he was the only one who would poke his little tiny head out and watch us as we were watching him. Most people believe snakes don’t have a personality but being able to spend time with him I know that he knows me, he feels safe with me and trusts me. I think one thing I love the most about him is for still being so small he is so curious about everything he sees and comes across. He is very smart for having such a cute small little head. He loves to hide in places like my pocket or my girlfriends hood on her hoody, then he especially loves to climb his way up in to her hair and play around in it! I remember when we got him he was just barely bigger than an earthworm! He’s now only 1 yr and 4 months old and just under 30” long and he’ll continue to grow til he is around 4 years old and can reach up to around 5 ft! I know most people think snakes are gross, dumb, and slimy but my Ziggy to me is the most amazing little guy and I love him a lot! P.S most people think snakes are slimy but in fact the only time a healthy snake is slimy is when it’s just a fresh baby coming out of the egg.


Hater of snow and cold, lover of sunbathing in the summer.


Rex is one of a kind. One minute he’s like the photo the other min he’s all up in your face. But he’s best known as “ Monster” why if it moves look out he’s got it.



Bailey is the most kindest pet and shows so much I’ve to our family every day!!


Lilly is a 6 month old border collie cross who LOVES to play! Playing with her brother Max is her favorite thing to do! She is going to be our newest cattle dog so some extra training would be fantastic!



Elsie is the little chihuahua who loves being outdoors and scamping through the fresh snow.


Jasper is enjoying a beautiful day playing in the snow at the dog park. His second favorite place to go. His #1 place that he loves to go is All Creatures 2 days a week to play with his friends.



Sapphire is a 5 year old, blue point Ragdoll. She is very social, loves to play and loves people.


Atlas is a strange but loveable pup. He loves his squeaky toys and loves to play with other puppies. At his daycare they use him to introduce new puppies to the facility because he’s gentle and knows when the other dog has had enough. Atlas is about 70lbs but like many he thinks he’s just a little lap dog.


Lizzie is. 1 yr old mini Australian shepherd. She has a goofy playful character. She is a sweet and fun and loves to be centre of attention. She also loves winter.


Bella has so much love to give.


Stella, our sweet farm dog, LOVES to be in the house with us, and even taught herself to shiver to get in. She even shivers in the summer heehee!!! She can’t get enough love and affection.


Daisy is a springer spaniel puppy with a ton of energy and loves to train. She already knows sit, lay down, stay, heel, and shake a paw.