Suds Zone Car Wash, nestled in the heart of Estevan, recently made waves with an exciting announcement that has the community buzzing with anticipation.

In a bid to support the St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation's endeavour to bring an MRI machine to Estevan, Suds Zone is gearing up to host its inaugural Wash-A-Thon event throughout the entire month of May. The news broke on the SUN 102 morning show, where David Dzeryk, the owner of Suds Zone, and Lori Gervais, the executive director of the St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation, unveiled plans for the fundraiser.

"We're thrilled to kick off this initiative to help bring crucial medical resources to our community," expressed Dzeryk, "You simply have to stop by and get a wash. You don't have to fill out anything. You don't have to come into the office. You can pay in the bay, and a portion of all proceeds will be going to the MRI for Estevan. It's very easy. You don't even have to save the date. It's the entire month!"

With an estimated cost of $6.5 million, the St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation has embarked on a mission to bridge the healthcare gap in Estevan and Southeast Saskatchewan by bringing this essential diagnostic tool to the community. Currently, there is a significant gap in MRI facilities within the Saskatchewan Southeast Health Networks, resulting in approximately 1,650 patients per year needing to travel a minimum of 200 kilometres for MRI services. This highlights the pressing need for an MRI facility in the region to improve accessibility and reduce travel burdens for patients.

The scope of the MRI for Estevan project includes the installation of a 1.5T MRI system within a Modular MRI cassette building attached to the St. Joseph's Hospital. Additional modular building and renovations to the existing hospital will ensure compliance with safety guidelines and accommodate the new facility's infrastructure.

As Estevan and the southeast rallies behind the Wash-A-Thon and the forthcoming Radiothon for Life on June 5, the community's collective efforts aim to bridge the funding gap and pave the way for enhanced healthcare access. Together, residents, businesses, and organizations are poised to make a meaningful difference in the lives of countless individuals, ensuring that the benefits of modern medical technology are within reach for all.