Souris Valley Museum is starting 2022 off with a round of funding from the recent city budget for 2022.

They'll be receiving $102,000 according to that budget.

That money will go towards activities such as their off-school programming, where they host programs for kids on days when school is off.

Curator and Director of the museum Mark Veneziano says that the budget for the year gives them an opportunity.

"We're very grateful to our city and our councilors as well for allowing us to have the opportunity to continue what we're doing and that funding really does help us out here at the museum to do various different activities and projects as well."

Besides some of the daily programs, the museum is also looking at a few projects they'll be working on in 2022.

"We have developed quite a bit of new programs and new series for our community to attend. The board has also indicated that there are a few projects, a restoration project as well, that we are going to be going through here at the museum as well," said Veneziano, "But all of those are in the early stages right now so that would help."

One of those projects is taking place right now and will change over the course of the year.

"We've started a couple of new programs called museum safari as well as polar expedition where families will have a chance to go around the museum depending on what season they're in. They can go around on an expedition and learn about winter animals, which we're currently doing right now."

Veneziano advises everyone to watch for even more programs in the months leading up to Summer.