The Souris Valley Theater hosted a sold-out event for their second annual Valentine's fundraiser. 

“Last year we sold out, this year in two days our tickets were sold out and compared to last year it was just a quick 'let's do this' last year," said Shirley Hildebrand, manager of the Souris Valley Theater. "So, this year it was a little bit more planned and ran really smooth.”

The event took place at Granby’s and was comprised of live music and a four-course dinner. 

The event had two seatings of 54 bringing in 108 patrons to enjoy the evening.  

“Robert Godfrey came in with his system and he sang, and then he played some background music,” said Hildebrand.  

She said that overall, the attendees had a positive reaction to the event.  

“Oh, they were just amazed with the food, the decorations. They just loved being at Granby's again. They just were excited and happy,” said Hildebrand. “Loved everything the whole entire night. From being greeted at the door to the women. Each couple, the women got a rose as we sat them at their table, and they would just make compliments about everything.” 

Hildebrand said that the proceeds haven’t been tallied up yet, but it will all be going back into the theatre to fund upcoming concerts and shows.  

She also hinted about an upcoming fundraising event in the spring, but they are keeping the details a surprise for now.