The Souris Valley Theatre is set to dazzle audiences with its latest production, "Greased," running from July 8 to July 19, with a special matinee on July 11. Directed by Brad Wiebe, this rendition of the beloved musical promises a unique twist with role reversals and local flair.

Rehearsals are in full swing, and the dedication of the cast and crew is evident. "It's a huge effort for everyone," said stage manager Hope Van Vliet. "I know our choreographer came in with a book with everything she wanted to do. We've had someone make vocal tracks for the entire cast so they can learn their parts ahead of time. And then of course, we rehearse for some pretty long days and make sure that everything is up to where we want it to be."

Wiebe highlighted the innovative approach to the story, setting it at Estevan High and featuring a gender swap for the main characters. "We've done a little bit of a role reversal where Sandy is not Olivia Newton-John. Sandy is a gentleman who's new to the school, and he's a little bit of a -I don't want to say nerd, but he's not Danny Zuko. He's not super cool. And our Danny Zuko, John Travolta, is a female and she is super cool. The girls in this show are the cool hot-rod-loving types."

The production features a talented cast from across Canada, including local Saskatchewan talent and performers from Calgary and Winnipeg. "I'm very lucky to have the great talent that we have coming onto the stage," Wiebe added.

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