This year's Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show received high praise from an Estevan city councillor.

Tony Sernick was an exhibitor at the event and said it was great to see everybody again from both industries.

"Nobody's seen each other for the past few years and there was a lot of people you haven't seen in a couple years face to face," he said.

Sernick added that a lot of people from Estevan made the trek down Highway 39 to attend.

"The old southeast oil patch is kind of a two-hour radius no matter which way you go, so yeah there was Estevan and the southeast was well-represented for sure."

The event took place at the Weyburn hockey and curling rink. There were exhibits set up both inside and outside.

"There's lots of outdoor exhibits...that's where you get the bigger iron, the rigs, and pressure vessels and all of that sort of stuff," Sernick said.

Sernick, who has worked in the oil industry since he got out of high school, has seen the industry thrive in Estevan and hopes he can see that day again soon.

"I'm in the industry, and I'll be here for one more boom hopefully."