The southeast has been buried by snow over the past few days, in what looks to be an early start to winter.

The stuff that's piled up also looks to be sticking around as temperatures stay below freezing over the weekend.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Stephen Berg details just how much fell over the southeast.

"Looks like for the last three days Estevan and the area got about 10 to 20 centimeters of snow that ranges quite a bit depending on the location of the snow bands. They're quite small in some circumstances, but it's a general blanket somewhere between 10 and 20 centimeters."

More snow is in the forecast, though Berg says it looks like that'll be muted.

"Yeah, light stuff, not expected to accumulate much beyond that. So just a lot of low stratus clouds in the area, a remnant of the system that's departing. So just a combination of the two." 

While there are forecasts for snow next week, Berg doesn't think that will be substantial.

"Maybe just kind of more of the same. Just flurries kind of through the weekend with the low stratus flurries at times. Nothing of note beyond these flurries, except maybe a bit of snowfall on Monday, but kind of the same sort of thing as the current snow."

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