CAA Saskatchewan released some of the province's worst roads as reported on by residents, with a southeast highway getting first place.

CAA's rankings are as follows:

  1. Highway 8, Moosomin, Potholes
  2. Highway 5, Buchanan, Poor Road Maintenance (Ranked #4 in CAA Worst Roads in 2023 and #5 in CAA Worst Roads 2022)
  3. Highway 2, Cudworth, Potholes
  4. Highway 22, Cupar, Potholes
  5. Coteau Street West, Moose Jaw, Potholes (Ranked #2 Tie in CAA 2023 Worst Roads)
  6. 4 Avenue Viaduct Southwest, Moose Jaw, Potholes (Ranked #7 in CAA 2022 Worst Roads)
  7. Highway 22, Markinch, Potholes
  8. Tie: Highway 9, Whitewood, Poor road maintenance (Ranked #6 in CAA 2023 Worst Roads)
    Highway 47, Springside, Potholes (Ranked #2 in CAA 2022 and 2018 CAA Worst Roads)
  9. 13 Avenue Northwest, Moose Jaw, Potholes (Ranked #4 in CAA Worst Roads 2019)
  10. 4 Avenue Southwest Moose Jaw, Potholes

The rankings were voted on by residents from April 4 to 29.

New for this year’s campaign was the grand prize of a $1,000 (one thousand dollar) Shell Gift Card courtesy of CAA Saskatchewan.

Larry Tomlinson, the Mayor of Moosomin, says Highway 8 is important to keep the community running.

"We got a potash mine that's just north here that employs about 1000 people and there's a good percentage of them travel that road every day and it's in terrible shape. It's full of holes and some of them are very deep. I wouldn't consider it very safe at the moment."

"I know they've been trying to patch it a little bit, but it needs to be paved. That's the reason that it's probably got to be one of the worst roads there is, but over the winter it  got worse."

Tomlinson says he hopes the extra attention on Highway 8 means more will be done on it in the future.

"It certainly can't hurt, that's for sure. I know we have a representative on Southeast Transportation and that's been brought up there, but once you get onto the top ten worst roads, I think that maybe it would help more than anything else to et the government to look at it."