With November and Remembrance Day just a few months away, one community organization is giving people a way to honour those who have served Canada through the armed forces.

Banners will be hung along the streets of many southeast communities, featuring some of the soldiers who've given their lives over the decades and some living veterans.

That started a few years ago in just a few communities and has since reached out thanks to the efforts of the Southeast Military Museum.

President Craig Bird says that they've set up across the area.

"The banner program was started a couple of years ago here in Estevan and we've since expanded to several communities around the area: Weyburn, Radville, Lampman, Stoughton, Midale, and whatnot. We're trying to commemorate veterans, both living and that have passed on, and trying to get their faces out in the community for remembrance day."

A couple of other towns will be joining in the effort starting this year.

"We just added two new communities, we added Kisbey to the mix and we're going to be putting up banners there this year, as well as whitewood. Then we've got big plans for 2024, to put banners in Moosomin as well and hopefully add a couple more communities in 2024 as well."

Even with some falls bringing some nasty weather, Bird says they haven't had to order replacements for many of the banners so far.

"They're holding up actually fairly well. We've had a couple that have needed to be replaced through various weather incidents and whatnot. Saskatchewan's kind of  known for the wind and bad weather, so far we've only had a few that had to be replaced which is better than I expected."

Bird says he hopes to have all of those banners up by the start of September.

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