A weather system is moving into the Southeast of Saskatchewan, bringing weather that people looking forward to spring might not like.

Temperatures have dropped sharply down below the negatives this afternoon, past the usual average for this time of year.

On top of that is precipitation coming in, some of which might end up taking the form of snow.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang says there won't be much snow, but it could have an impact.

"We're not looking at a whole bunch of snow, maybe 2-4 centimeters worth on the ground. Still going to be warm I think, so there would probably be some melting associated with that. However we are expecting some cooler northern winds to kick in, we'll probably see that snow starting to stick and grease up those highways a little bit."

Those slippery highways could end up being even more dangerous with blowing winds gathering up that moisture onto highways.

"That's the danger, when we have the snow falling right around the freezing mark we know that when those roads are slippery it's right around the freezing mark. When it does drop below that," said Lang, "Then that's when the snow can start to stick and if it's blowing you know it can really ice those highways up quickly."

While it may seem like we're getting back into winter just as we were getting out of it, Lang says that the temperature should be closer to average soon.

"The high's around seven, and the low's around minus six," said Lang, "We know that those are just averaged over 30 years, but we know we can be as high as 20 degrees or as low as minus 30. There's still quite a bit of variation, but after today and tomorrow's blip it's more or less running seasonal after that."