The Government of Saskatchewan held its first subsurface mineral public offering of the fiscal year on Monday, July 8, 2024, and generated $5,935,425.46 in revenue, driven by interest in lithium potential.

Of the 18 subsurface permits posted for this offering, 16 received acceptable bids covering a total of 39,650.88 hectares. The permits, which are prospective for lithium, are located mainly in southeast Saskatchewan.

Synergy Land Services Ltd. spent $3,928,901.00 to acquire 11 permits for a total of 29,292.46 hectares. The permits are east of Weyburn, between Stoughton, Arcola and Lampman.

The highest bid also went to Synergy Land Services Ltd., which offered $976,229.00 for a 7,413.52-hectare block located northeast of Lampman.

Millennium Land Ltd. bid $1,974,126.96 to acquire four permits for a total of 9,061.05 hectares east of Weyburn between Stoughton and Arcola.

In one of the few non-southeast bids, NRG LandSolutions Inc. acquired a permit for southeast of Kerrobert to the tune of $32,397.50, which measures 1,297.37 hectares.

There are three subsurface mineral public offerings scheduled each fiscal year. The next offering is scheduled for November 25, 2024.