The southeast portion of Saskatchewan was the sole part of the province which managed to catch a bit of the weather from the Colorado low which made its appearance last night.

Most areas ended up getting around 10 centimeters, with Estevan receiving a bit more with 15 centimeters reported.

That combined with the wind that picked up created large drifts overnight, with a good few of them measured by the feet.

Environment Canada meteorologist Terri Lang says the system isn't quite over yet.

"One more push of snow is coming with this, looks like more towards this afternoon and into the overnight period. Looks like another five centimeters of snow possible, winds will be gusting as high as 60 kilometers an hour so again, we're going to have some issues with blowing and drifting snow, especially out on the highways."

Once the system's done and there's a bit of relief, that's set to change again as a bit of snow and cold air rolls through.

"The way the weather pattern is, we're getting into a little bit colder air mass and that makes it a little bit harder to generate the big snows. We do have another weather system moving through - we call it a MacKenzie screamer - just because it's formed in the MacKenzie valley and it really rushes down in the jetstream, which is in sort of a north-south configuration."

That system will be depositing a bit of snow on the weekend, which so far looks to be much less than what we got last night.

"This one looks like it's going to move more through Alberta and western Saskatchewan, but you guys will likely get clipped by that. Maybe a couple of centimeters on Sunday, and that will push cold air behind it, which is typical of MacKenzie screamers."