A system over the southeast has deposited snow and is set to bring even more to the area over the day.

Originally the forecast called for a light snow system to follow up the Colorado low which came in on the weekend.

The snow managed to edge further into Saskatchewan than predicted, says Natalie Hasell, a Warning Preparedness Meteorologist with Environment Canada.

"The scenario here, mainly for Saskatchewan, we're talking about the southeastern corner kind of looping around Regina. Regina itself might see some snow with this, but we're not looking at very large amounts, maybe around 2 cm, and then further into the southeastern corner, we see some slightly heavier stuff."

The current snow that fell overnight will be joined by 5 more centimeters today.

"So for the Estevan area this morning, you are already seeing some light snow, and periods of snow are what's in the forecast," said Hasell, "We're expecting about 5 centimeters for you folks today and then that should be tapering off into this evening."

That snow won't be forming too many drifts as winds are expected to be soft during the system.

"Luckily, we're not talking about particularly strong winds, so visibility is reduced in snow, but the blowing snow question shouldn't be too much of a problem. Similarly, for this evening," said Hasell, "We're still looking at winds that stay relatively light or light enough not to really reduce visibility in blowing snow."

Hasell says people should be prepared for wind chills tonight that will be reaching -30, with more cold on Thursday night.

Heavier snow is also expected across the Manitoba border, so she tells people to watch the forecast before heading out.

"If you do have to travel, remember to check road conditions and weather conditions in the forecast, not just for where you are, but where you're going, understanding that things can be quite different depending on which direction you decide to go in."