With so much snow ending up on the ground in the southeast thanks to a large Colorado low, concern is now shifting toward just where that'll melt.

Areas in southwestern Saskatchewan went through flooding earlier this month as temperatures rose and melt began, so a similar situation could happen in other areas.

So far, Estevan seems to be able to avoid that fate thanks to the weather staying closer to winter over the next few days.

Water Security Agency Spokesperson Sean Osmar details the reason we'll fare better.

"With that snowstorm, we saw there are no issues at the moment. We had some pretty healthy reserves in the reservoirs to hold water from the runoff, which we're still maintaining. We don't expect to see the snow accumulations have a significant impact on that runoff, mostly because Environment Canada is predicting cooler temperatures for the next few days anyway and that will really help slow the melting and make it far more manageable."

"In Western parts of the province where we saw high flows and high water levels, that was predominately because of a rapid increase of temperature and it just sort of ran off and didn't go into the fields, didn't soak in the soils, and it ran into the channels, where we saw the high flow."

Those cooler temperatures are just a part of the reason we may not see flooding, with warmer soil also helping out.

"What we saw earlier with the previous melt that's already occurred should mean that the soil should be able to absorb some of that water now, now that it's starting to thaw out and then warm up slowly. We expect to see some of the absorption in the soil will help, and the lower runoff will help, but we're keeping an eye on it. We'll continue to monitor and provide updates as conditions develop."

The southeast's reservoirs are also in a good position to hold onto any extra water that comes their way.

"We're seeing inflows, particularly at Rafferty and Boundary. The flows are starting to slow down and cool down with the cooler temperatures. We don't think the Grant Devine will fill. The Boundary Reservoir should be below full supply level, we're holding an extra reserve there for capacity."