The latest crop report indicates that seeding in the province is 77 per cent complete, with the southeast region leading at 84 per cent completion. Despite this progress, the province is still trailing behind the five-year average of 91 per cent and the 10-year average of 89 per cent.

In terms of regional progress, the southwest follows closely with 83 per cent of seeding completed, and the northwest is at 80 per cent. The east-central and west-central regions are currently at 73 per cent and 71 per cent respectively, while the northeast region lags behind at 68 per cent.

In the southeast, field peas and lentil crops are the most advanced, with 98 per cent and 97 per cent of seeding completed, compared to the provincial averages of 92 per cent for field peas and 91 per cent for lentils. Canary seeds are at 92 per cent completion, barley at 87 per cent, and oats at 84 per cent, which are above the provincial averages of 66 per cent for canary seeds, 67 per cent for oats, and 76 per cent for barley.

Crop emergence is reported to be in excellent to good condition, with topsoil moisture showing improvement over last year. Crop damage has been minor, with reports of light frost and areas with excessive water, but limited overall damage. Flea beetle and cutworm activity has been noted, with some control measures implemented. Grasshopper hatching has been observed in some regions, but no significant crop damage has been reported.

Producers are currently moving cattle to pasture, spraying, rock picking, and land rolling. Many producers anticipate seeding being completed this week, weather permitting.