Seeding across the province is nearly complete, with southeast producers reporting favorable conditions for crops, pastures, and hayland despite minor setbacks.

The Ministry of Agriculture’s latest crop report indicates that southeast producers are experiencing good growing conditions, with pastures and hayland looking promising.

Topsoil moisture levels have increased this week, with six per cent reported as surplus, 90 per cent adequate, ten per cent short, and one per cent very short. For pasture topsoil moisture, three per cent is surplus, 84 per cent adequate, and 12 per cent very short.

Crops in the area are generally at normal stages of development for this time of year. Producers have noted good growing conditions within the region, with many crops in excellent to good condition. Some crops are lagging in development due to cooler temperatures, high winds, and delays in seeding progress caused by rainfall.

Minor crop damage was reported in the region due to excessive moisture, frost, and hail. Increased crop damage from flea beetles, gophers, and wind was also noted in the southeast this week. Crops will continue to be monitored for insect and environmental damage.