Highways in the southeast are looking at a full year ahead as the Southeast Transportation Planning Committee (SETPC) has taken a look at the year following their AGM.

They focused on what kind of funding they received from the province's Ministry of Highways and where that money would be heading.

Lindsey Clark, the District 2 (Estevan) urban representative, says rural areas will be well served this year.

"It's a big year for highways. Most of the work is spread out through the whole province, of course, and a lot of work right now is going on in the Moosomin area, Rocanville, through the valleys there at Whitewood. Some of those are big projects that they're working on in our area is only the preparation for Highway 18 West out of Estevan and they'll just be doing some preparation work."

Over $700 million was given to the Ministry of Highways in this year's provincial budget, with Clark saying any downturn in southeast funding is only fair considering previous years.

"We've had some big projects in this area, we always have more to do. There's a section going on Highway 47 North that we would like to get sooner on the list, but everybody has some priorities and we've had some pretty good construction years in the past with the bypass and the road to North Portal and in the area."

"So it's not unusual for us to maybe have a little less this year and the other portions that are you know that are in better need, but there's always a lot of Road that needs to be done and I guess they have to distribute as best they can."

One big project set for this year is the last resurfacing work needed for a road between Estevan and a rural town.

"That highway's been almost completed to #6 highway over by the Milestone to border road. So this is the final section of that road that's being completed. It will start not this year, some of the gravel, will be this year. So it'll be that road will then be done pretty well right to #6 highway."

The southeast will also see a number of smaller projects ongoing through the summer.

"I know that Northgate, there's a bridge that's on #9 highway over there in that area, there's always sand filling going on in different areas, so they do have the regular maintenance on top of it. But lots of work is smaller projects where there's crossing or culverts being added, and in that area the only one I know I think is in the Northgate area that's close to here that might affect some people and I think it's a bridge work out there."

Clark says that the SETPC and the Ministry of Highways work to make sure everyone can have safe and reliable roads as soon as possible.