The final public offering of Crown petroleum and natural gas rights for the current fiscal year was held Tuesday, generating just over $10 million in revenue for the province. Overall, the six sales of the current fiscal year generated $75.5 million.  

In the most recent offering, the majority of the leases and licences were in the southeast, and those offerings made up over 70 percent of the revenue.  

The highest price for a parcel came from Millenium Land (222) Limited. They paid $5,055,881.79 for a 4,199.342-hectare license roughly 26 kilometres southeast of Radville. The parcel is adjacent to the Neptune Ratcliffe Bed Oil Pool.  

As for leases, of the 23 sold in the southeast, the highest bid was for a 911.947-hectare parcel nine kilometres southwest of Kipling, near the Viewfield Bakken Oil Pool. Saturn Oil & Gas bid $1,022,921.83. The most paid per hectare came from Millennium Land (444) Limited, for a 64.646-hectare lease northeast of Alameda. This came out to $2,710.36 a hectare, or $175,213.74.  

Province-wide, 48 parcels were posted, with 44 of those receiving acceptable bids. The total amount raised was $10,042,112.71.  

The next scheduled public offering of oil and gas rights will be held on April 2nd, with 145 leases and two licences up for bid.