With spring starting, roadwork crews will also be starting up to try and get their projects done before the freeze comes back.

That can include maintenance, repavings, and entirely new roads being built.

It looks as though the Southeast of Saskatchewan won't fit into the province's plans, as some of the suggestions won't be getting funding.

Lindsay Clark, who's a member of the Southeast Transportation Committee, says 

"We identify roads that we think are priorities or need upgrading or fixing. This year in the budget, there was nothing directly for this area, and certainly not in the area close to Estevan and around here, but there were some upgrades to the highways in the area between Corinne and Regina, which should make for some better travel to the city."

Clark details some of the different projects they were hoping could get done during this year's roadwork.

"One of the priorities for the committee near Estevan is a portion of 47 North that needs work, and an area from Estevan to Outram, those areas are prioritized."

"There have also been talks a bit about the access road to Roche Percee, and our committee had a letter from Roche Percee, so we've asked the government to let us know what their intentions are. We've made a request for a project on that, and then we'll find out where the province is on that."

Clark says the committee will keep these projects on the list that will hopefully be addressed in next year's highway budget.