The southeast has received quite the storm system over the past few days with thunderclouds coming and going in the area.

That's resulted in plenty of flashes of lightning, rain pouring over the area, and even some reports of hail.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Stephen Berg details the storm that's been hanging over the area.

"There are some borderlines severe thunderstorms that came by Wednesday late afternoon, evening, and into yesterday as well there were some thunderstorms. The maximum wind gust that was recorded in the area was Estevan, with 80 kilometer per hour gusts and there was one report of nickel-sized hail which is kind of the border between the nonsevere and severe hail size."

"The rainfall amounts were anywhere from 10 to 25 millimeters in the southeast and a little bit higher up in the Nipawin and Hudson Bay area. There are some reports of 30 to 40mm over a 36 hour period mostly from the storms that occurred Wednesday evening into Thursday." 

The southeast luckily managed to dodge funnel clouds even as those storms picked up speed across the prairies.

"Not in the southeast as far as I've seen so far. The only reports that we've seen were from the Battlefords area from the same day, but that was a pretty pronounced funnel. No reports of a touchdown though."

The risk of thunderstorms does continue with a bit of better weather over the horizon.

"It's hard to say at the moment, but there's a risk of thunderstorms for today and tonight. So there's quite a bit of instability over Southern Saskatchewan today, and it stays somewhat unsettled for the next little while. By kind of mid-week next week, things look like they'll be becoming a little bit more stable, a little bit warmer too, it looks like."