A pair of softball teams in the southeast managed to secure wins this weekend in provincials, representing the area.

The Estevan Elites u11 team got the title, even though they began the weekend with a tight loss to Indian Head 11-10.

They then went on to win against the Prairie Storm 6-1, Gravelbourg 12-7, and MJ 9-2 in the semifinals.

The finals were a close match between the fellow southeast team the Weyburn Wild with the Elites coming out on top 9-8.

Assistant coach Cassie Blanchette says that the girls were excited to have come so far.

"There's a lot of excitement for sure, a lot of emotion, a lot of the girls were filled with tears in their eyes. A lot of them, it was their first provincials. They're only nine or ten years old so they're pretty young to be competing at a level this high. It was very emotional for them after we got the win, for sure."

That win ended their season, with Blanchette thanking the girls for the great season. She also thanked their pitchers who played an instrumental role.

"I just wanna give a shoutout to the pitchers. They played a huge part for us in the provincials and we didn't lose a game by more than 5. The pitchers kept us in all the games," said Blanchette, "Gave us a chance to win, and we couldn't do it without them, they played a crucial role on this team."

The other team that won their provincials this season was the U15 Southeast Sun Devils, who fought hard for the title in Saskatoon.

Their weekend began with a pair of wins, getting a 10-3 victory over the Humboldt Thunder and following up with a 16-9 win against the Tisdale Riverdogs, both on Friday.

The next day was mixed as they dropped one game to Parkland but won their next match against the Muenster A's 8-6. 

After the round-robin theywent on to beat the Riverdogs 13-5 in the semifinal, and clinched the title with another win against the Parkland Predators 7-5.