After a severe thunderstorm passed over some areas of the southeast, plenty of debris was left in its wake.

Between severe winds and pounding hail, more than a few branches and entire sections of trees came down.

Alameda, one of the towns in the path of that storm, was hit hard by the storm.

Mayor Jennifer Cobham says that there's been a lot of work to deal with.

"I wasn't in town when it happened. I just came and saw the carnage afterward. But there was a huge tree blocking the main road coming in by the auction mart. Luckily there was minimal damage, there were three or four trees that came down in people's yards, but thankfully none of them hit the houses or anything."

"We live in a great town, so we had a lot of hands on deck that everybody came out and helped pitch in to clean up and haul them out of the people's yards, so that's good." 

While Alameda did get hail, it was smaller than the golf-ball-sized hail that came down near Alameda Dam.

"When I was out at the corner store it was very jagged, like chunks of ice. We sat there for probably 20 minutes just getting pelted with the hail. There was lots of hail and winds and then the tornado warning came through and I don't know if anything actually hit, but it did take down some trees."

Environment Canada didn't receive any reports of tornadoes touching down, and Cobham says she hasn't heard of anything like that either.

Now she's hoping that the community can keep working together to get everything cleaned up.

"There's still a couple more on the main street and then everybody just kind of hauled it all to 1 area so we got to pick on that up today and chop up a bunch of wood. But like I said, we live in the best town, so we'll have lots to help I'm sure."

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