Transportation committees are hitting the asphalt as progress is underway in determining what needs to be done this upcoming construction season.

That comes after the provincial budget back in March which laid out some of the government's priorities, including major infrastructure builds.

Lindsay Clark, a representative for the Estevan area with the Southeast Transportation Committee, says there's more work to be done for smaller projects.

"What they'll do now is they'll meet with all of the transportation committees and they'll go through all of the projects and so there's lots of smaller, whether they're repair, resurfacing, but smaller ones that aren't all new construction, sort of the maintenance side. So now all of the transportation committee will get together and they'll go through all of that because it's fairly lengthy for the whole province, so then we'll hear what's going on in this area." 

Clarks says that the committee is now looking at some of the various roads around the southeast that could be worked on.

"One of the things we do is we identify roads in the areas that need attention and that's what the transportation boards do. So we're they're kind of in the area, so we identify them and it's always good when we actually get something done for our area."

"We are in pretty good shape. We have Highway 47 north of town that needs some work and that's where the transportation committee identifies something, then we hope to move them onto a list that they actually get completed. So I think it's going to be a good year to get this, to see that they're going to start on Highway 18 and I think we see the benefits of southeast transportation and then doing the identification and getting the member's concerns out." 

He hopes to hear from some of the community members around the southeast so they can know just what's needed.

"I think the big thing to realize is that we are a committee that we're there and we need input from all of the Member RMs, all of the member towns, villages and we have the ministries here and it's important to be a part of this. So I think it's a really good board and I think we could see the benefits of it."