With picture-perfect Halloween weather conditions tonight, there will likely be a lot of trick-or-treaters out and about on Estevan streets this evening.

With that, the Estevan Police Service is reminding parents, kids, and motorists to stay safe on Halloween night.

"We just want trick-or-treaters to be safe and have fun," said Police Chief Rich Lowen. "Children, we want them to be accompanied by an adult if possible. Wear something reflective during the night so they can be easily seen. Carry a flashlight."

"Hopefully they have costumes that don't impede their vision at all. Makeup is always a little better than wearing masks where you can't see. Watch for cars when you're crossing the streets," he continued.

Lowen also reminded motorists to be mindful of all the people on foot.

"We just ask all motorists to slow down," he said. "Slow down, be aware. Little kids are out. Know that they're going to be crossing the street. Just make sure you take a little bit extra care on this night and make sure everybody's safe."

He added that parents and adults should try to inspect the candy before it's eaten to make sure there's nothing suspicious. 

"If they check the candy before it's handed over to the kids that would be great at the end of the day," Lowen said. "We just want parents to be aware of what their kids are going to be eating. Sometimes kids have allergies. We want to make sure that no one has put anything suspicious in there."

"People that have bad intentions...and we want to make sure that the parents catch that before anything gets inappropriately into a kid's hands or something that they eat. We want them to be safe, we don't want them to ingest something that they shouldn't be eating," he said.

"Have fun, stay safe, and hopefully everybody has a great night. Beautiful weather out there."

Lowen added that the police station will also be handing out candy and invited kids to stop by the main entrance.