While GM ownership in Estevan has switched hands over the last 36 years Steve Jewhurst has remained a familiar face with the car dealership.  

Jewhurst started his career in 1988, in the parts department at Trout Chevrolet.  

“It was just down from the radio station actually,” said Jewhurst “The Pharmasave and the McDonald’s used to be our car lots.”  

The dealership later changed hands, becoming Bordertown Chevolt, around 2000 the dealership moved to where the firehall currently sits.  

Murray GM then took over from Bordertown, and Jewhurst remained with the company.

“I’ve been with GM in Estevan, for nearly 36 years.”  

Jewhurst said he worked up the ladder, starting in parts, then moved into the service side, worked his way up to shop foreman, and for the last few years, he has worked as the service manager.

He has enjoyed many aspects of his job but the best part for him is working with the people of Estevan.  

“It’s always been number one taking care of people, customers. I love to see people come back with a smile on their faces.” 

While his love of cars brought him into the industry initially, Jewhurst is looking forward to retirement or more likely, semi-retirement. He will be shifting his focus to carpentry, which he has been doing outside of work for over 30 years.  

“I have a few things lined up,” said Jewhurst “I want to do some projects, for myself and other people." 

He is also looking forward to having more time to spend with his grandchildren and to go fishing. 

“Murray GM has always been good to me,” said Jewhurst “And what goes around comes around.” 

He said he appreciates all the support and acknowledgment at this time in his life personally and professionally.