The Saskatchewan Teacher's Federation has announced some new job action that will affect the whole province.

They've given five-day notice for a withdrawal of extracurricular support that would happen on Tuesday, March 5, and Wednesday, March 6.

This comes as the two sides are away from the bargaining table, with STF President Samantha Becotte looking for more to be offered during bargaining.

"This job action can be stopped immediately when government is ready to negotiate on all issues of importance to teachers, including class size and complexity,” says STF President Samantha Becotte, “We are asking government to include the offer they made outside of bargaining as part of the Government Trustee Bargaining Committee’s renewed mandate."

A withdrawal of extracurricular support would affect all voluntary services involved in the organization, supervision, and facilitation of activities, including athletics, non-curricular arts, field trips, student travel, and graduation preparations.

In their release, the STF says "Teachers know that withdrawing extracurricular activities has a significant impact on students and share in parents’ frustration that government’s intransigence has pushed job action this far."