A storm was brewing over Saskatchewan during the weekend and finally started up in the central region of the province.

That then moved down to the southeast, delivering some very uncalled-for rain that may set back farmers who were going through harvest.

Just under half an inch was recorded on Sunday at Environment Canada's monitoring station near Estevan, with Moose Jaw getting around half that.

The system did bring solid moisture, says Environment Canada Meteorologist Danielle Desjardins.

"It was kind of a line of storms, almost a northwest-southeast line of storms that tracked through southeastern Saskatchewan yesterday. There were a couple of reports of strong winds, fallen trees, as well as street flooding and pea-sized hail in Moose Jaw."

Moose Jaw had the only report of hail from that storm, and the winds were recorded going up to 78 km an hour.

While the main system hit the central and southeast regions hard, other areas such as the southwest did end up getting a bit of moisture through occasional rains as well.

The rain did manage to bring some benefits for farmers, as moisture has been pushed out of some areas.

"It looks like some of the moisture was kind of flushed out of the area with this system," said Desjardins, "So it does look like it's a little bit drier and those dew points don't look to be quite as high for the week so it looks like dryer conditions."

Even better news is coming in as the rest of the week is looking to be all sun and heat, perfect to keep crops ready for harvest.

"Looks like a more settled, stable pattern for southern Saskatchewan. We're looking at pretty sunny conditions and warming up Tuesday through Thursday," said Desjardins, "With highs in the upper twenties or low 30s."