April is often the time of the year when the first peek of spring comes, with warmer temperatures and melting snow - this past month was nearly the opposite of that.

Combined with lower than average temperatures, a pair of nasty storms also coated the southeast in layers of snow, rain, high winds, and cold.

Altogether that made an April that wasn't the most conducive to setting up a garden or getting the lawn just right.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang says that for the cold, this was one of the worst Aprils that they've recorded in more than 100 years.

"For the month of April, you guys very much came in on the cool side. you had the fifth coldest April in 109 years, and with respect to your precipitation, because you guys had quite a bit, it came in with the 16th wettest April in 107 years."

Along with that cold and moisture, there were strong winds blowing around, which spread some of the stuff that was falling all around in the form of blowing snow.

"April 13th was particularly windy with maximum wind gusts over 80 KM/h, and of course the 23rd and 24th we had some really strong winds as well," said Lang, "Wind gusts over 80KM/h as well so pretty gusty and of course causing issues with the snow and the blowing snow."

While the first storm had data gathered, with snowfall coming in around the 40 cm mark in the Estevan area, Lang says they ran into problems studying the second storm.

She wishes there could have been more volunteers reporting what the snowfall was, as their instruments were unreliable with the strong winds.

"We could sure use some volunteers down there for snowfall measurements and rainfall measurements. It's not so bad with the rainfall measurements because our instruments are good," said Lang, "It's those snowfall measurements that I wish we could have gotten some more accurate measurements there to kind of tell the story of what happened down there because to me it was quite the exceptional month for the southeast corner."